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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hey who turned out the lights???

Seems like someone forgot to turn on the lights around here lately. They tell me I'm blind, but I can still see a little, so I think they're really fooling with me and have turned out the lights. Here, I'll show you a little video of me trying to find my way over to my favorite watering hole. Then after that is a video of me on my favorite pillow eating one of humomma's cinnamon dog treats. She bribed me with it, then made me roll over so she could measure my tumor. Warning, if you're a girl just turn your head...


  1. Oh Tucker, that's just not fair. You need some bright red and yellow sign posts to show you where the real water spot is.
    Honey, this big thing under your belly: we assume it can't be cut out but does it hurt you? We hope you are traveling ok.
    Love, Inky and Molly

  2. Awww Tucker. We hope that doesn't hurt too much. We know that you will get more acclimated to the blindness as time goes by, but it hurts us to see you being so brave.

    gussie n teka

  3. Aw Tucker, how handsome you are, your markings are spiffing. Most fine and foxy. You are most brave too, made me and Mom shed more than a tear or two watching you. It's wagging the other doggies come and sit with you taking care of you. Train them to bring the water bowl TO YOU Tucker. Gentle dog of your age should be waited on 24/7 eh?! Take care Tucker, paws crossed you are not in pain sweet boy. Wiry love and kissies Eric xxx

  4. All of my TERROR - I mean TERRIER pals have already pawed my thoughts!

    Woo are so handsome and so furry brave!

    We are always thinking of woo and ALL your furamily!


  5. Awww, Tucker, we just love you to pieces. And your other family furries are so kind to stay out of your way as you make your way around. You remind Mom a lot of her old cockapoo Lucky who had both eyes removed due to glaucoma. Just keep the house the same as always and you can figure it out, right? We wish we had a magic wand to wave away that nasty bump, pal. Hang in there.

    Hugs, Phantom and Thunder

  6. OMD...I didn't know you couldn't see..hmm...I coulda sworn Tucker that you told me I was bootiful...must be my inner booty...shame some of the sighted doggies might disagree with that statement...(I AM NOT A HEARTLESS FLIRT...)

    Our last foxie had cataracts really badly...he once attacked a concrete statue...poor guy...he was a tad embarassed...

    Is that lumpie guy givin' ya many problems?? Surely hasn't hurt your total handsomeness...such a black saddle you have dear Tucker...

    We love ya, dear boy...

    Laciegirlie...that heartless flirt!

  7. You did a great job finding the watering hole, Tucker! You made that water look awfully good to us! You are so sweet! We hope your tumor doesn't hurt you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Tucker! You motor around pretty well and I am glad to see the other doggies in your house make sure that they are not in your way. Your mom is taking such good care of you.


  9. Just a quick follow-up to let you all know that I can still see enough to know there are still foxy ladies out there (ahhhemmm.... Lacie and a few others who I won't mention or I'll blush...) as long as the light is bright. I'm not in any pain, at least not that I let on, wouldn't want my humans to worry too much. Katie takes good care of me, not quite being the guide dog my humans want her to be. Did you notice how quickly she ran in there to get her fleecy toy that was by my bed? Selfish little devil isn't she? Aw, but I love her anyway! Anyway, thanks to every one for watching my movies and leaving such caring comments. Now it's time to snooze again...

    Wags and licks...

  10. Dear Tucker - you and Paddy have the same problem - he is quite blind and has to get his bearings - he likes to find his toy basket and grab his lead and chew it - we have gone through 5 of them so far! That looks like a pretty nasty lump - we are hoping it doesn't cause you pain - we are sending many healing vibes

    Sally and Paddy

    PS I am not a very good seeing eye dog either - I try to take Paddy's treats straight from his mouth!

  11. Dawling Tuckew

    I thought you wewe simply mawvelous in the way you found youw watew baw, hehehe
    clevew boy and like evewyone says oh soo handsome..I'm sending extwa smoochie kisses fow youw tummie..I saw that you said it didn't huwt you..that makes me awfullly glad. I see you know whewe youw soft pillow is too and I'm glad you'we still intewested in the ladies, hehehe

    I'd love to be among youw many heawt conquests.

    have a lovely nap
    smoochie kisses

  12. Tucker. We have TOTALLY fallen in love with you. For so many reasons. Mostly, you are an amazingly awesome dog. Not to mention stunningly handsome (we love your black back). You get around so well (it's a nice and good thing that your watering hole can't be moved around too easily ... you can always count on finding it in the same spot.) Such a great pillow. And so cool how your pack makes room for you, moves toys for you, and stick so close and nearby. What a gently loving family. We are so happy for you. Just keep that mast cell in check, buddy. As long as you possibly can.

    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  13. Tucker, man! How brave you are! You seem to be getting around like a rockstar and seem happy. I think you may be my role model now, me lad! I just love ya!

    Irish Love and Kisses,
    Visit my blog and follow me! www.themcgillinator.blogspot.com

  14. Darling boy,You are our hero...We thought it was quite wonderfull that you found your bowl,,and to get a cinabun well that is fabulous.We are glad it doesn't hurt and Aggie is thrilled that you still have an eye for the ladies as she thinks you are quite the loooker( blush blussh) Love and a billion kisses A+A

  15. Hey Tucker,
    We're The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties and our BBB (best blogging buddy) Gus (and Teka and muzzer) invited us to stop by and visit with you. We figured we'd read some of your back posts to learn something about you. We have a blind pup in our pack now, Radar. he was born blind which actually makes it easier on him than blindness is on you. He's never been able to see so he doesn't know any different. But we had a brother, Gordon, who is at The Rainbow Bridge now, that went blind when he was about 7-8 and he lived to be over 14 years old. He adapted excellently justr as you are doing. Unfortunately he had some other things in common with you too. We know that you are in a tough situation but you are very much loved and will be well taken care of. Hang tough guy, hang tough.
    - TBH&K