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Friday, December 18, 2009

Still napping...

It's been a while since I last pawed on here. Guess I've been napping! Yeah, humom got that old camera out and started snapping again the other day. Caught me with my three feline siblings. That's Echo right above my head (she thinks ALL the doggy beds belong to her!), then on the chair above her are Roger (BIG yellow tabby) and JC (TINY kitty). The two boys never bother me at all, but I tell ya what, that Echo sure likes to give me baths! I get mad and growl at her and then she runs away. My little sis Katie doesn't like Echo much at all and always runs her off when she sees her walking around.

My tumor has stayed pretty much the same, just seems bigger in the morning, but humom says maybe that's because of where it's located and that I have to go outside and potty. Anyway, I'm feeling fine and still jumping when my hudaddy walks up to the back door (cuz he gives me a treat every time he sees me!)

Uh oh, I just heard humomma say it's time to brush me and cut off my dreads! Hudaddy has been brushing me, but he doesn't do my underside cuz I wiggle too much, so now I have dreads... not a good thing according to humomma. Better run and hide now!

Licks and waggles...


  1. OH NO!



    Anyway, khwite nice to see woo!

    Hope the grooming session went well!


  2. It makes us sooo fussy when we paw out a comment, and then lose it! We're sorry if you get this (or something like it) twice.

    What we were trying to say was: it looks like you and the kitties have your priorities right! Rest well and comfortably, share and eat treats! That sounds like a perfect winter's pastime to us!

    We're happy to hear you are doing well. We hope that stays the case ALL of the holidays!

    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  3. That is the perfect pastime - sleeping - and only getting up for food! I could do that all the time!

    Stay warm and happy this Christmas -lots of licks
    Sally and Paddy

  4. MMMM.. . I do not have kitties, but my pal Butchy says they are warm, and occasionally fun. Keep warm, and we hope the grrrroooming session goes well.


  5. Hi Tucker - good to see you. Hope your grooming isn't too bad for you - we have that happening next week for us. Glad to hear things are OK.

    Happy Holidays.

    Woos, the OP Pack