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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Napping on Echo

What everyone loves after a good bath (see video below) is a long NAP!!! Of course having such a kind sis like Echo helps. She's so soft and her vibrations feel good on my head. If you look above my back leg you'll see how big that tumor has gotten over the past month. It doesn't bother me, no really, I don't scratch or bite at it, just get a little miffed when it makes my "stream" go straight sideways. On a more positive note though (and you girls wouldn't know anything about this), I don't have to raise my leg anymore... not that I bothered half the time anyway if you know what I mean.

I'm having more trouble getting around because my vision has faded to almost nothing. My humans don't think it would be wise to put me under for surgery on the cataracts, so they keep trying to teach Katie how to be my guide dog, but I honestly think Echo would be a more likely candidate!

Licks and wags...


  1. Well,if she has a purry good massage going fur woo, I guess it is okay!


  2. Tuckew
    Youw sissie Echo, is wondewful..a vewy special kittie sissie i think. It's cleaw she loves you( I saw hew giving you a baf and it looked lots mowe comfowtable than the bafs i have to take)
    I'm so glad you'we not huwting..just west and enjoy all the moments.
    I love you and think of you wif smoochie kisses

  3. Tucker..Wow...we think Echo must be a super good friend, and would be a good candidate for your guide cat.

    We are glad that pain is not an issue. Please thank your mom for keeping us posted.


  4. Nothing wrong with peeing like a girl. I do it all the time. I am glad your tumor doesn't hurt and that you have your own guide dog.


  5. Tuck, I still pee like a girl all the time. The biggest downfall to that is when you pee on your own front legs. Ugh, I hate it when that happens.

    Glad to hear you are still feelin well, despite the tumor.

    I sure wish I had a nice pillow like that! I think I'm gonna hafta have a chat with Mom.

    Wags, wiggles & slobbers

  6. Tucker, as you probably know, we sibes are not always very good with cats, but that Echo is one very nice one and we are so glad that you have such a great companion. We are sorry to hear you are having some problems. We hope you have a good week.

    Thanks for stopping by to meet Ciara, she thinks you are very handsome.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Echo sure makes a cute pillow for you, Tucker!
    Mitch doesn't always lift his leg to pee either so we totally understand!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Oh you are a true warrior. Keep resting comfily!

  9. Well. Thank you. You are giving a safe and supported opportunity for lots of us to fess up. I, Jake, pee like a girl most of the time. And when I do try to lift my leg, I ... okay, I'll admit it ... I usually pee on myself. No matter. Moma still loves me and sometimes Fergi even gets curious and sniffs me.

    Tucker. We are always so happy to come to your blog. We just wish Moma gave us more computer time so we could come here more often. We tend to miss out on good stuff ... like snuggles with Echo.

    We love you, Tucker. Lots.
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  10. Hey Boy...how're ya doin' Tucker?? We've been thinkin' bout ya lately and hoping you're doing well!! Those snuggles with Echo looked amazing...well, I've never actually snuggled with a kitty, but I'm sure I could restrain myself...

    Kisses...love ya!!


  11. Hi there Tucker. I'm wagging you have your own kittie slave. Don't they make the best pillows? They have very many uses, it great she is there for you Tucker. Though I was surprised to see her giving you a bath. Now I'm worried... it's always me giving the kittie a bath..have I got it wrong?

    Stay safe and warm Tucker, I'm so glad you are'nt in pain or suffering in any way. Take good care.

    Wiry loves Eric xxxx

  12. Hey Tucker, Take it from us, your blindness is NOT a problem. You will easily adapt to that. You just worry about that tumor thingie and forget about the blindness; that'll only be scary for a very short period while you transition to the dark world. You already know where things are and it will all be laided pout in your GPS. You'll be tenuous and careful like Gordon was but you won't have to "find" everything with your head like Radar does because he's never been able to see. From a distance people don't even realize Radar is totally blind because he gets along so well. He's always going at full speed whereas Gordon, probably like you'll be, was careful and took things a bit slower. Gordon didn't like stairs whereas Radar could care less. Stop by our blog and peruse some of our old posts about Gordon and Radar.
    - TBH&K