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Friday, March 26, 2010

Tucker the Conehead (soft homemade cone, that is)

As if being almost 100% blind isn't enough, NOW my momma made this awful thing called a cone to put on my head JUST BECAUSE I was licking my wounds!!! Doesn't she know that I can't see with this on? I promised her that I'd quit licking, but when she checked on me in the middle of the night, well who knew she was looking? Rats! Well at least it's soft and not one of those hard plastic things the vet told her to buy.


  1. First of all, Tucker, you are THE man!!!!!! Just bear with the cone for now. it's for your own good, me muffer says, and she's wise beyond her years!

    Oh my dogness!!! That is what my blind brother, Jester, a pug, did one time with a cone! De ja vu! I mean, he leaned like that and everything----but that could be those crazy pain meds too!!! He was dangerous, I tell ya! He knocked over everything in the house (including me) .... just dangerous... I didn't know him long because he went to doggie heaven at the age of 16 when I was not even a year old, but he was blind all of his life and was a trooper. Me thinks he hated me and my puppiness though!

    Anyway, I digress. You are on for the virtual pawty when you fully recover. I'll start planning now because I party hard, me friend!!!!! "Tucker Takes The Town" here we come!!!

    Irish Love,

  2. Awww. Tucker. You are such a brave strong boy, and we are so proud of you. How lucky you are to have a moma that creates a soft pretty collar for you to keep your wound safe and clean. We can tell from her voice how much she loves you, and that is the best prescription for comfort and healing. Hang in there for a while, sweet boy. Maybe after a few days you can progress to a soft tee shirt (after you've gone potty ... when you are resting.) We are so happy you are in the healing stages ... we just wish it wasn't so uncomfortable right now. You rock, Tucker!

    Sending healing wishes and lots of gentle messages of love
    Jake and Fergi and Family

  3. w00fs, wow what a great collar..at least it not one of those hard kinds..u iz just to cute..hope u gits to feeling better soon..

    b safe,

  4. Hi Tucker,
    I haven't been to see you in along time and I come back to say hi and you have a wound. I am so sorry. It looks like Mom is taking good care of you with your homemade cone!! I am sending you healing wishes, get well soon,
    Bambi & Fern

  5. Tucker: We are so impressed with your inventive and creative mother! Teka says that cone is a stylin' accessory!

    It may take you a while to be willing to lie down - because you seem to be protecting your owie.

    We don't know about the leanin' Muzzer has had deaf dogs, but not blind ones, so we have no Xperience.

    Just make sure you are fully healed before you go partyin' with Gillie. He is one true irishman.


  6. Tucker! Your cone is really handsome on you. I think you might be a little scared because your whiskers are covered and I bet you use those a lot more than a doggie who can see OK.

    I have to apologize for my momma who laughed when you were picked up and we just saw your little toes flying through the air.

    Then we saw your boo boo. Oh don't lick that. You have a straw coming out of you. That is kind of interesting.

    Hope you are navigating again soon. At least the cone will provide some padding when you bump in to things.


  7. Woo look like a pawesome bloom!

    That is furry nice of your momma to make something khomfy fur woo -

    It woo didn't likhk and all, woo wouldn't have to wear it!

    Keep up the great job with the healing!


  8. Tucker you poor boy. I wish the nursies could come over and care for you. Those hot foxies will make you feel better straight away pal, know what I mean? Mom wanted to scoop you up andd cover you in healing kisses but I told her not too in case it hurt so she gently kissied you on your paws.

    Stay safe and well Tucker hope your owie heals really soon.

    Wiry loves Eric xxxx

  9. Tucker, your Mom is so good - making you that collar. Another one she might try is the Bitenot collar, you might not feel so closed in with one of those. You can see them at www.bitenot.com.

    We hope you are doing better today. Phantom sends you warm wishes - he remembers his surgery last summer and hopes you are doing OK.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. That is one cozy looking lampshade, Tucker! Your mom is very creative! She only wants the very best for you, ya know.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. Work that cone - it's only for a little while -

    You might even get more treats... feel better, relax and just soak up all the love rubs and hugs...


  12. What a brave boy you are, Tucker! Your cone is much better then the hard plastic cone of shame that we've seen so many doggies wear! We hope you are feeling much better very SOON!

    Penny & Patches

  13. You're so brave Tucker! That cone must be awfully scary. As scary as that drain and your owey. We're glad you're home and hope you feel better soon.
    Tesla and Buddy

  14. Hi, Tucker!
    That looks like a "paralyzing device"!
    But sure is much better than the plactic ones!
    Your mom is very creative!
    I hope you feel better soon!
    Paws crossed
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Tuckew
    You awe a mawvel of bwavewy and a hewo!!!
    I must say though , that youw Mama is an amazing designew..that is the most stylish, clevew cone I've evew seen..it looks like some bootiful pawis cweation that I would want to weaw
    love and smoochie kisses

  16. Hey Tucker,
    WOW! That's a GReat C.O.S. (cone of shame) like Dug had to wear in that Disney Movie "Up." The leans happen cause you've got the C.O.S. on and you're blind; you have to acclimate to it. Maybe your mom is too much of a worrywart about you going blind. She needs to give you some time and room to work that out for yourself. you need her help on the surgery owie. She needs to make sure you don't like at it, and that's where that GReat C.O.S. fits in. She has to keep the sutures clean and she has to administer your pain meds. But she also needs to let you find your way around by yourself. How are you gonna orientate your GPS grid if she carries you around from place to place like a sack of flour; you won't know where the heck you are. You're a strong dog and you just do the best you can. They'll take good care of you but don't let them put you in a play pen just yet.
    - TBH&K