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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hey can't a guy get any sleep around here???

So here I am sound asleep on my favorite pillow...

Then along comes Charlie and wakes me up...

Well there's just no rest for the weary when you've got such a caring little brother! Oh, see that sock on his back foot? He has lick granuloma... fancy way of saying he LOVES to lick his foot so much that it turns in to one big ouchy, so our parents figured out how to keep a sock on with double-sided velcro. The vet thought that was a pretty cool idea! Glad they didn't try that on my hurt paw. Oh speaking of my paw, the doc gave me prednisone and an antibiotic after saying she'd never see quite anything like it. Must have stubbed my toe really bad when I fell off the bed!


  1. Hi Tucker,
    It is nice to meet you. My name is Sally Ann. I'm sorry to hear about your condition.
    I think your very cute and smart looking.
    Sally Ann

  2. We're happy to see that Charlie is a good brother. Even if he wakes up up when you're sleeping, we bet you two love each other a lot. (Sometimes that's hard to admit, between siblings, but we're pretty sure you two are good for each other.)

    We hope both of you find your paws healing well and fast... just to let you know... there are some wirey nurses who will probably make their services known in the very near future. Be prepared!!!!

    Just warning ya,
    (They'll make ya smile, for sure.)
    Jake and Fergi xxoo