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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tucker tastes Tumor Time

My humans got me this stuff from a vet catalog that's supposed to help my tumor. They don't know what it'll do, but it's all herbs, so they figure it can't hurt. Here's a slide show of me eating it.

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  1. Oh, Tucker! We are so happy that you've found something that may help you AND tastes as great as it seemed to (almost anything tastes great in peanut butter!!!) We love your positive attitude! And we look forward to seeing many more posts of you - the wandering warrior (just don't wander too far!)

    Love and paws crossed
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  2. Hey Tucker...looks like it might be OK, if it gets mixed into peanut butter it can't be that bad, right. If you get really tired of it, you can get your mom to mash some bananas up with it. Teka will eat ANYTHING that comes with bananas.


  3. Tomorrow she said she'd try it with honey since that has healing in it too. I'll tell her about bananas, nummy!

  4. You're making it look pretty darn yummy, Tucker! We love peanut butter too! We hope it does wonders for you!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Hi Tucker,

    Pleased to meet you. You sure are a cutie. If I can keep my good looks when I'm as old as you I will be one happy girl.

    Sorry to hear about your tumor. I hope this new green stuff you just ate helps to shrink that ugly tumor so it goes away and never comes back.

    Thanks for your birthday wishes.

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  6. Hi Uncle Tucker! That peanut butter sure looks DELICIOUS! Mind if we have some next time we come over?! :o)

    We hope that tumor stuff helps you, even if it's just a little bit. We love you!

    Buddy and Daisy

  7. Yummers, we love peanut butter too. wonder how it would be in yogurt? The Momster is very curious about Tumor Time as Phantom is a cancer boy. Hope it helps you a lot, Tucker.

    woos, the OP Pack

  8. So, how khool did it make your beard look?

    I was glad to see woo nom nom it up!


  9. Tuckew
    Oh my dog!
    Wouldn't it be gweat if it not only talsted good but helped the toomow go away???
    Have some mowe pleez!
    Smoochie kisses

  10. Anything tastes good with peanut butter - we hope this works and shrinks that nasty tumour! We heard that cottage cheese and Flax oil also helps boost the immune system - 1 part oil to 4 parts cheese - the Flax Oil needs to be High Lignans - we like it a lot - we can send more info if you want...

    Sally and Paddy and Douglas

  11. Oh Tucker...that actually looked fabbers...I might be able to whip up a new Smoothie with it in my famous Blender...I'll let ya know...

    Frankly anything with peanut butter in rocks...perhaps you can add a litte BACON to it for even more flavoring????

    Love you dear Boy!!!!

    Laciegirlie and her stoopid brothers too...

    (and don't believe that post Mumsie did bout me on our blog...I am a very sweet goooooooood girrrrrrrrrrrrrrl!!!!

  12. Hi, Tucker!
    Green powder mixed with peanut butter?? Sounds good and sure I hope it works for you!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  13. You all are making me blush with attention... yeah like you could really see me skin under all this wirey fur, huh? Anyways... Lacie I'm gonna tell my humom to try mixing up something in that bullet thingy bob, Sally I'd love to get more info about the Flax oil stuff but don't know how to send you a message (anyone have her addy, it's not on her blog?), Kyra I was really careful and din't get a drop on my beard (not that anyone could see anyway), OP Pack that stuff came from KVPet.com if your mom wants to try it, Buddy and Daisy SURE I'll share my pb with you!, Koobuss you're a real looker and I can't imagine you'll ever look old!, Maggie and Mitch you're right, it was really yummy, Gus my humom was gonna try it with a banana today but they were all gone, so maybe later, Jake and Fergi sometime I'll tell you ALL about how I got my "other" name for being a wanderer! Thanks to everyone for you love and well-wishes.

    Smooches and licks...

  14. Gosh, are you real?!!? You look like the cutest teddy stuffy... We love the photos in your banner...

  15. Well done for getting that stuff down into ya...