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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday at my house - come see the scarecrows (and me!)

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  1. That was furry furry khool and OH SO festive!

    I think that is the most Fall/Halloween dekhorations I've evFUR seen!

    Tank woo!


  2. TUCKER!!! We haven't viewed your Smileyboxes yet (that's next) but we wanted to send you this link:
    We saw it on the Today show today ... a new treatment for malignant mast cells. It sounds very promising.

    Hope you are doing okay. Off to catch up on your blog now.
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  3. OK. NOW we've viewed your Smileboxes and you brought a HUGE smile to our Moma's face. First of all ... we love all your decorations, and before she does anything else, we're gonna make sure Moma goes and gets ours out. It's TIME! Secondly ... Kansas??? She's not been paying attention! Kansas is Moma's home! Even though she's not lived there for ages. And the BEST part? We loved the picture of your scarecrows, we loved the pictures of your kitties, we loved the glimpses of your family. But we LOVED LOVED LOVED the pictures of you!!!!

    Love ya bunches,
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  4. You have a lot of very cool Halloween decorations, Tucker!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Tuckew
    Thank you fow inviting me into youw lovely home..you shoowe know how to enjoyt the bbotiful falll season. I loved the oictoowes of you, youw sissies and bwofuwws and all those cool scawecwows.
    I think fall is such a wondewful season
    I'm leaving a hooge smoochie kiss fow all of you and on youw toomow to make it get smallew and go away

  6. WOW!! Now that is Halloween at it's best!!9even thought some of the decorations were very scary) What a lovely place for you to be!!! Love and a million kisses A+A

  7. Tucker. We were over at Buster's -- it has been furever since we've seen him, but we saw you had a question about changing some words on your blog. Email us (there's a link on our blog) and we'll send ya some pointers. If you'd like.

    Love ya.
    Hope you're doing well today.
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

    And. By the way. Moma DID get our Halloween decorations out yesterday - thanks to YOU!