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Monday, March 29, 2010

Proof that I can find my way in the yard

Hey folks I'm back and wanted to show you that I really, really, REALLY can find my way from clear in the back of our huge yard all the way to the back door. Sure I follow the familiar voice of my humans, but even when they're not talking I can still do it. Thanks to all of you for your warm and caring thoughts while I was recuperating from the surgery. It still kinda smarts, but momma makes sure I don't lick it (yeah she keeps putting that silly upside down hat on my head!) and she puts this fizzy stuff on the sores. Pretty soon I'll be like new again!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Update on Tucker (from Katie)

Hi all, Katie here on behalf of my little big brother Tucker who is right now fast asleep after a long day of visitors. Our humans had a big birthday party here and everyone wanted to see his owies. He's such a trooper and just let people look without complaining. Then everyone settled down and they put some tiny little human in the room with him to be quiet and sleep, so he was really happy. He wanted me to tell you that he got the tubes out. They were for drainage. He didn't like it when Momma put that liquid stuff on that fizzes up, but he let her do it anyway when she told him it might get infected and he'd have to wear that cone longer. Our Daddy keeps taking the cone off of him, then when Tucker starts licking again back it goes. Momma is very thankful for all of your warm thoughts and she keeps telling him how many friends he has that are thinking about him and wanting to see his cute face again. He's walking really good now so I bet it won't be long before he's running and hopping up and down like he used to do!

Happy wags...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tucker the Conehead (soft homemade cone, that is)

As if being almost 100% blind isn't enough, NOW my momma made this awful thing called a cone to put on my head JUST BECAUSE I was licking my wounds!!! Doesn't she know that I can't see with this on? I promised her that I'd quit licking, but when she checked on me in the middle of the night, well who knew she was looking? Rats! Well at least it's soft and not one of those hard plastic things the vet told her to buy.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Resting with a warm cloth over my owey

I'm BAAAAaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!

If this video works you'll have living proof that I'm back and walking around my back yard. All the other furries in my house all had to sniff at me and make sure I was okay. Charlie tried to block me from going down the steps on the deck, but Momma helped me down anyway. I guess I'll have to learn how to lift my leg again cuz as you'll see, well.... just watch... I SURE AM GLAD TO BE HOME! (and this pain medicine makes me feel REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My brother the abominable Snowdog

On my way to the vet for surgery!

Well here's the last picture of me with the big tumor (look between my legs) because my humamma took me to the vet to have it removed this morning. Actually this is Tucker's humamma because he asked me to entertain you while he was gone. He came through the surgery just fine and should get to come home tomorrow. Now I need to give the keyboard over to Katie so she can get her blog updated with some videos of Buddy and Daisy playing, then Katie and Daisy playing, then lastly a short video of Charlie the Abominable Snowdog!

5 Dogs, a Man and SNOW!

Tucker asked me to share this with you while he's gone. It shows our weekend with the granddoggies, Buddy and Daisy during a snowstorm.

5 Dogs, a Man and SNOW!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Company is here and so is the snow!

While my "sis" and her husband are in Colorado they left their "kids" behind. They both leave me alone most of the time, but sure do like to run around and play a lot. Here's a picture of us all sleeping. Notice where Katie is hanging out...
Yeah, so Daddy likes to watch the shopping channels, but I think he sleeps most of the time just like me!

This morning while my niece and nephew's father was off skiing in Colorado look what Daddy found outside:
He had moved their SUV to a spot in front of our garage where he thought it would be out of the way of snow drifts, but this time the snow blew in a different direction than the last blizzard and well, you can see where it ended up! So funny!

Yesterday I got to see my favorite doctor and she said my tumor had not matastisized and wasn't wrapping around anything, so she can remove it. The cancer will still be in my body, but at least for a short time I won't have this huge mass hanging off my belly.
She said it might grow right back within a matter of weeks or it could take as long as 6 to 8 months and, in her words, "something else might happen". I think she means the cancer will make me so sick that I'll die before the tumor grows back. Oh, did I tell you that I peed on the floor in her office? Hah! Guess I showed her who's boss, didn't I? He he he!

Licks and wags to you all!