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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fell down the stairs and found a new hiding place

About a week ago I fell down the basement stairs and stopped eating and didn't walk much and really, really worried my humans. They should've known that it was my way of healing, but nooooo, hudaddy just HAD to take me to the doc again! Well as it turns out that was a good thing because she gave me these pills that really knocked out the pain and got me back up and walking. Humomma said I reminded her of Angel Charmin when she used to walk around in circles, then fall down cuz she was dizzy. They're still trying to train Katie to be my guide dog, but she won't do it. Maybe Libby will do it?

Remember my last note about my new hiding place? Well since I got discovered by the light box I decided to dig in a little further... er, not really digging, but you know what I mean. It's the next best thing to digging that I've found in these parts where the outside ground is rock hard. This spot is right around the corner from where I was before and if it wasn't for my hudaddy finding me it would still be a secret!

Those speaker wires don't make the best pillow, but they provide a little distance between my face and those daggon dust bunnies! Humomma wanted you all to see that I was holding my head up again.

Since I can't do much hopping around anymore like I used to I decided to join this Blog Hop! When I signed up I was number 64. Come along and join the fun!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My new hiding place

Guess what? Nobody can find me here... well at least not the other furries in this house. Of course the two-legged guy with the flashbox found me, but he was really quiet so I could keep my special hiding place. None of the other doggies can fit in here anyway and the kitties only like soft places, so unless they lay on top of me, well,  I don't have to worry about them.

Thanks to everyone for writing in and asking about how I'm doing. Since I can't see much anymore I'm bumping in to more things and getting lost in the back yard. The other day my humomma had to put on golashes and don an umbrella to come rescue me from the rain. Guess where I was standing? Out on the cement by Charmin's grave waaaaaay in the very back of our big back yard. Guess I was asking for her help finding my way back. You know all that rain made it hard to sniff my way back to the deck. I couldn't even smell my own stuff to know where to drop more and kept going around in circles. Good news though! Still no more tumor growing back! WOOHOOO!!!!!

Take care everyone. Summer is on the way!