Tucker's Pawprint Book - please mark your spot!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Paw Prayers Please!

Tucker isn't eating and we're not sure if this is a sign of the end or if he's just taking a break from food, but he's extremely weak and won't stand up much or walk around. This is something that has gotten progressively worse over the past week. Please send him your biggest paw thoughts and prayers. He doesn't appear to be in any kind of pain, so we'll keep trying to get him to eat and keep him comfortable. That's about all I can write through my tears right now as I think of what is coming soon. Thank you for all of your love and caring.

Tucker's Momma

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Come look at the card my momma made!

You can tell that my momma's been thinking about my age lately because her newest card made for her new Etsy shop is one of those sappy "sorry for the loss of your dog" things. Here, I'll show you what it looks like, then you tell ME what you think. I'll pass your comments along to her. No that's not me in the bucket silly! She used a picture from something called a paint chip or sample or something like that. It's also not my paw print, my tootsies are much bigger than that and they don't have flowers on them! I think it's kinda cute! Oh, her shop that she opened with her human daughter is Eco Chique Boutique . It makes me a little sad that someone will need this card. Maybe I'll get her to make some Birthday cards and some other more happy occasion cards for us furries. I'm just a little over one month from my 14th Birthday and they've promised me a really BIG party if I make it, so you know how much I love my treats and there will be lots of them for me and my furry friends to eat. I wouldn't miss it for the world!!! Stay tuned for more information.
Handmade 'Loss of Pet' Sympathy Card

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hey I have eyes!

So the other day my humomma decided to cut my bangs so she could see my eyes. She thinks since all I can see now is shadows, if anything at all, that getting the hair away from my eyes will help. Can't honestly say it made a difference, but makes her feel better anyway. Oh, my sisters Katie and Libby were really worried about what she was doing, so they stood guard.